Eliminate the stress from these vital college admission exam, and maximize your results.  

Each course covers the main sections of the standardized test. Here is a brief overview. We offer individual, group, and custom classes.

Basic courses offer a full overview of the test. The curriculum provides students with the tools to confidently take on the test. 

Specialized courses offer a more personalized, in-depth review. These longer course schedules identify individual student strengths and weaknesses, and engrain strategies through targeting test training.

Math: Students will learn to focus on the basic question types found in the Math section.  From algebra to geometry, from arithmetic to functions, we will cover the scope of questions tested.  Moreover, we teach students to apply two very important questions throughout the exam:

  1. “What am I looking for?”
  2. “What do I already know?”

Writing:  Just as in the Math section, students will become familiarized with the basic types of questions covered.  Tricycle Learning Company will impart such skills as identifying the subject and embracing the concept of speed through a unique strategy of moving quickly during the practice tests.

Critical Reading:  In this section, Tricycle Learning Company uses a Four-Step process that trains students how to spot the “wrong” answers and avoid/eliminate the time-traps typically associated with this section.

Additionally, Tricycle Learning Company will progressively turn up the heat by performing timed drills, teaching students that most points are lost when they do not handle pressure well.  In the timed sections, we will take them out of their comfort zones – like an SAT/ACT boot camp.  Tricycle Learning Company will repeatedly analyze their performance which will allow the student to spot weaknesses in their game.  Students will overcome their fears by simply moving their pencils.




All packages listed below will provide you with expert guidance, effective strategy and practice. The frequency and length of sessions are flexible, though most students find that one or two 90-minute sessions per week to be ideal. We have found the options listed below to be well aligned with our students needs, but these timeframes are only our suggestions. You might need to modify a schedule that best suits your situation, and we are happy to develop an individualized plan.


     a.  Basic (Ten 90-Minute Sessions)
     b.  Specialized (Twenty 90-Minute Sessions)

     a.  Basic (Ten 90-Minute Sessions)
     b.  Specialized (Twenty 90-Minute Sessions)

     a.  Basic (Ten 90-Minute Sessions)
     b.  Specialized (Twenty 90-Minute Sessions)