Senior year tends to be the most crucial as well as the most stressful year. Students finalise their college choice and star their application process, scholarships. There are some crucial steps that a student needs to take to make the most out of their senior year.

Building your resume is an integral part of your college admission process. Improve it by achieving academic success and participating in extracurricular activities. Being an all-rounder always has its merits and the colleges are interested in those kind of students. The college process is filled with a lot of paperwork and in depth details. This can be stressful for both the student as well as the parents.

Summer is a perfect time to initiate your preliminary phase of your college admissions. Visiting colleges can be a very good way to start and understand the process and it certainly gives you an exposure to the college environment. Start considering which one of your teachers will write a letter of recommendation which will help you in the admissions. Make sure that your senior school classes meet all the required courses that you need for enrolling for college.

Focusing from October to January, this period will completely dissolve you into college application process. You will have to keep track of the various application deadlines. Remember that an incomplete application will certainly ruin your chances for acceptance.

From February to April, at this time students would have filed their paperwork, but their primary focus should be achieving higher grades to avoid any contracting seniority and have colleges revoke their admission applications. Keeping track of all your application, rejection letters will be better. Financial aid should be compared on various factors such as campus features, packages and academics to help you make decision before enrolment.  

Finally you will end up with either your favourite college or not, but don’t be disheartened as it’s not the end of this world. There will be another chance, another ray of light. Giving you best wishes for your future.