Students in the last year of their school start their college search process. Oftentimes parents help the children out as it requires a little management as there is a huge amount of information making them feel overwhelmed.

It usually starts with engaging with your children, talking about his goals and ambitions in life. So that the college you choose should match the skills of your student so that they an enhance their skill to further benefit themselves and the society. This is a big decision that the parents and the child ha still take as it has a long lasting impact on the child's career. If the child or the parents are not engaging in the process it leads down the child's future on a very bad road.

Parents can help out children by using some online free tools such as college planning guides, which comprises of tools like SAT prep, ACT prep, when to apply, how to pay for college and many more. These tools would be of much help to parents as they would get to know how much funding is required for the child's whole college years. Students can also find some scholarship tests that they can take respective of the college they want to get into to ease the burden on their parents.

After taking help of these tools it is recommended to make a check list of all the important points and dates that cover your road map. Making sure that you are well organized and are not missing on any of the crucial points such as missing deadlines, missing SAT/ACT test dates, college tour dates. Making an Excel spreadsheet would be very good and many parents find it very helpful.

After all the above you have done yourself a favour of keeping your roadmap clear with very less confusion. Further on parents should make time with their children to make college visits. Yes this is the digital age and you would find more information on the internet rather that on the campus itself. But visiting college campus also plays an important role. It makes you and the children to collect on a physical level and gauge if the environment suitable for them to spend their most crucial years of their life. Oftentimes you will notice that every college campus has a different vibe, some are good in tech, some in extra curricular. So you can understand the college on a deeper level.

On an average every student applies to atleast five colleges. That means they have different sets of information that you will understand and compare. It is important to hold on to the information till the end as these will help you in making a suitable decision for your your child's college.

 Your first year away from home is when you will really begin to figure out who you are as an individual. Please don't let what others are doing make the college decision for you. Be honest to yourself about which factors matter the most to you during your college visit. At the same time keep an open mind for those who have gone through this whole process before, try to think as long term as possible.

 Specially for the students; Relax, stress can affect your excitement for the college admission process. So it is important that you relax and keep a calm mind through the whole process.

College is a chance to not only develop yourself academically but also get exposure to outside interests and build more personal relationships. These thing are as important as your academics as they will help you go through you college years hassle and stress free. Get into some extracurricular activities making yourself comfortable and exploring your inner-self. This will eventually make your college experience once in a lifetime experience.