Why do I have test anxiety?

We have all been there. You get your test scores back, and they are lower than expected.

WAY lower. It’s not a good feeling.

Don’t worry. We can help with that.

When we meet with families, they tell us that their student has “test anxiety.” Students tell us that they are just bad test takers. No matter how well they perform in their classes, they are just not made to take tests well.

 First, let’s identify the problem:  What is test anxiety? Some describe it as a fog, while others tell us that they feel rushed the entire time they are taking a test. They are unable to choose an answer and spend too much time thinking. They start thinking about how many questions they’ve already missed, how many hours they have spent studying, how many people they will disappoint.

 At Tricycle Learning Co., we replace ANXIETY with PROCESS. We teach techniques and tools that students can use for every question in the test, and engrain these techniques and tools into their brains. With practice, practice, and practice, we turn these students into well-trained test assassins.

 We believe that confidence is not a personality trait. We believe that confidence is trained into our students.

Let’s put it another way: golfers and archers deal with performance anxiety as well. Professional golfers are able to sink shots, in front of thousands of spectators. Archers can steady themselves and deliver their arrows with pinpoint accuracy.

 How do they do it? Their confidence was not gained overnight. The way to overcome anxiety is with preparation. Golfers are trained to stick to their basic process. They spend hours making their swing become “muscle memory.” Archers are taught to keep their entire process the same for every arrow. From the time they pick up the arrow, to the time it is released from the bow, they are taught to keep their process the same.

 At Tricycle Learning, we teach your students how to take the emotion out of the game. We discourage thought and train a process. Whether it’s in the Critical Reading, Writing, or Math Section, students will have steps that they can use to approach every problem.

 Remember: anxiety is not a personality trait. It can be trained out of students. We treat our students like professional athletes and give them steps to overcome their feelings.

 Before we think about increasing their scores, let’s get them thinking about their next step.

 Let’s get back to basics.